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April 10 on 10: A Personal Project | Seattle Photographer

My husband and I headed down to Southern California to spend a week with my brother and his family. All 3 of his kiddos are active in sports, but only Gavin had a ball game while we were in town. So, of course, Auntie had to bring her camera! The game started just as the sun went down, but oh how gorgeous was that sunset!! The fencing around the field was challenging, trying to focus on the game without getting too much fence in the way, but the challenge was also part of the fun – trying to see what kind of images I could get and still include it!

I had originally planned on including several days worth of images from our trip into my 10 on 10 for April, but this night lent itself perfectly for this project!

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Mom and daughter at baseball game | Seattle PhotographerBoy eating in baseball dugout | Seattle PhotographerBaseball field at sunset - abstract | Seattle Photographer Boy watching baseball game at sunset | Seattle Photographer Boy warming up at baseball game | Seattle PhotographerBoy hitting ball at baseball game | Seattle Photographer Girl drinking juice at baseball game | Seattle PhotographerKids in huddle at baseball game | Seattle Photographer Dad watching baseball game | Seattle PhotographerBoy at baseball game | Seattle Photographer

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