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January 10 on 10: A Personal Project | Seattle Photographer

January 10 on 10: A Personal Project

As a seattle photographer, I spend the majority of my time photographing newborns and families. It’s been quite a while since I’ve embarked on a personal photography project. In fact, I’ve failed at quite a few Project 52 attempts – my first lasted 3 months, and others I failed by not even starting! Ha! (A project 52 is where you take one photo a week for 52 weeks). This year, my friend Kellie proposed two different personal projects that sounded interesting to me, so I decided to jump on board! I fully expect that I may not make it through the full year (especially during the insanity of fall busy season!), but I have missed shooting for myself and the push it gives me to grow and improve!! So, here goes!

This project is called a 10 on 10. What that means is that I will post 10 images on the 10th of each month that were shot sometime in the previous 30/31 days. For me, they may or may not all be shot on one day. I am using this project to push myself to get out and make some images!! (I’ll be sharing about the other project soon!)

For January, I am sharing some images I shot two weeks ago when my husband and I were in Florida visiting our families. My mom and stepdad had recently visited Kennedy Space Center, loved it, and thought Adam and I would love it, too. Not planning to take my camera with me on our trip, but figuring it might be a great time to get some images for this project, I threw my wider lenses in my bag. I figured I would need them for the big spacecraft 😉

KSC is amazing. (Adam did not appreciate me abbreviating that…everytime I said KSC, he thought I said KFC, and half expected to get some fried chicken when we arrived at the Space Center!!!) We spent the majority of our time over at the Apollo/Saturn V exhibit. Now, I am not a space geek by any means, but seeing this rocket up close and personal was pretty amazing. We even got to touch a moon rock! We were running out of time, so we quickly headed over to the Atlantis exhibit before we had to leave. Growing up in Orlando, and being able to see the space shuttle’s path after it launched while standing in my own driveway was always one of my favorite things. So, seeing Atlantis was incredible. Unfortunately, we only had a few minutes to spend in there, so we’ll definitely be going back next time we’re visiting!!

These 10 images are my favorites that I shot that day! I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll follow this blog circle and head over to see what Janeen over at Wild Vanilla Designs was up to for her January 10 on 10!

Saturn V | Kennedy Space Center | Seattle PhotographerSaturn V | Kennedy Space CenterSaturn V | Kennedy Space CenterSaturn V Rocket | Kennedy Space CenterLunar Lander at Kennedy Space CenterSaturn V rocket at Kennedy Space CenterApollo 14 Capsule | Kennedy Space CenterAtlantis Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space CenterAstronaut at Kennedy Space Center

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