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Sophie {Bothell Children’s Photographer}

I’ve been interested in the Nikon D800 camera for awhile, so thanks to an awesome deal around the holidays, I was able to rent it for about 2 weeks. I was really wanting to test out the high ISO capabilities in low light, so my little buddy Sophie volunteered to pose for me. This sweet girl has modeled for me many many times over the years, and is so much more cooperative than her brothers (who used to model for me, but are too “cool” for that now ; ) ) I can’t help but laugh when I spend time with this girl – she has so much personality and her bubbliness is contagious! She’s giving me less and less time to capture her image these days, so I will just enjoy the moments while I have them!!

My goal was for some moody black and white images, but her laughs (and a little color) snuck in!

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