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Rain + Cute kids + Bo = fun experimenting with studio light

Recently, a fellow photographer friend and I were planning to go out shooting together, but unfortunately, the lovely Seattle rain changed our plans. Disappointed, we decided that we wanted to get together anyway. Just having wrapped a studio session the day before (and not quite having gotten around to breaking down my equipment), it was the perfect opportunity to play with studio lighting, and for me to try out Davina’s expodisc (a tool for getting proper White Balance in camera). Bribing her two children, we were able to play and experiment with different lighting set-ups. When they were done modeling for us (quite quickly), my dog, Bo, was much more obliging 😉

Thanks again for coming to hang out with me, Davina! Such a fun day 🙂This one is with natural lighting – I wanted to see how the expodisc worked in a natural light setting. Conclusion? Awesome! I went and purchased my own shortly after this!And, surprisingly, the most cooperative subject of the day 😉

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