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Cali and Chloe – 4 weeks | Seattle Newborn Twin Photographer

Seattle Newborn Twin Photographer

Normally, I don’t take a lot of sessions in December. With the holidays right around the corner, December is usually my catch up time of completing all of my clients’ orders, probably starting and finishing my Christmas shopping (and let’s not forget shipping to both of our out of town families!), playing some Christmas gigs (did you know I’m a musician, too?). Definitely a busy time of year! But I just can’t resist booking a newborn session, even in December. Especially when that session comes with identical twin girls! I absolutely love photographing twins!

Our original session date was scheduled for mid-December in my North Bothell studio, but thanks to some rare Seattle snow, we postponed to a few days before Christmas. As these girls were born about a month early, their gestational age was 3 days new! Absolutely perfect timing for a twin photography session!

At 4 weeks new, Cali and Chloe slept right through their session. We were able to get a variety of images of the twin girls together, each of them individually, and of course some family portraits with Mom and Dad.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and photograph this beautiful family. Welcome to the world, baby girls!!


Two baby girls in wraps | Seattle Newborn Twin Photographer

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Lucy – 9 days new | Seattle Newborn Photographer

Seattle Newborn Photographer

It’s always a pleasure to photograph the second baby in a family, especially when I photographed their firstborn! Jacob was excited to introduce me to his brand new baby sister, Lucy, when she was all of 9 days new. In my North Bothell studio, we captured family portraits, sibling portraits, and of course, some posed newborn portraits of baby girl. Lucy looks so much like Jacob did when he was her age!

A few weeks before Lucy made her appearance, Mom Emily came over for some maternity portraits in my studio. Go check out how gorgeous she looks in some beautiful dreamy backlight!

Congrats Mike, Emily, and Jacob! It was an absolute pleasure to photograph your baby girl!

Baby toes | Seattle Newborn Photographer Baby in a wrap | Mill Creek WA Newborn PhotographerBaby girl | Bothell posed Newborn Photographer Big brother and baby sister | Seattle Newborn PhotographerDad, Big brother, baby sister | Seattle Newborn PhotographerFamily with newborn | Seattle studio photographerBoy laughing | Seattle studio photographerMom and baby girl | Seattle Newborn PhotographerDad and baby girl | Bothell Newborn Photographer

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February 10 on 10: A Personal Project | Seattle Photographer

February’s 10 on 10 images are an homage to my dog’s love of playing with his toys. I had no idea what I was going to photograph for this month, and one day, I ran across Bo’s abandoned toy in a gorgeous patch of sunlight in my dining room. I noticed this patch of light just as it was fading away, with no time to run grab anything other than my iPhone. I’d never seen this patch of light before, and figured it must be because we are always so rainy and grey in Seattle this time of year. I crossed my fingers that we would get another patch of sunlight the next morning, set a reminder on my phone, vacuumed my carpet, and got my DSLR camera ready!

Lo and behold, the light came out, and the toy was still in it’s abandoned glory. Really only meaning to grab a single image of the toy itself, Bo soon came over to investigate what I was doing. At first, I was really irritated that he kept blocking the light and getting in my shots. Then I realized I should just roll with it and document it. Before I knew it, I had a whole series of him playing, and knew they would be the perfect fit for this project!

Thanks for visiting! Go check out Megan’s 10 on 10 next! And when you loop back around, feel free to check out January’s 10 on 10 images from Kennedy Space Center!


The Sunday Project: January | Seattle Photographer

As I mentioned in my post about the 10 on 10, I am embarking on two personal projects this year. While the 10 on 10 is ten images posted on a single day, the Sunday project is a group of photographers taking and posting images on Sundays this year. It’s essentially a Project 52 (one photo a week for a year). I’ve tried and failed at a few Project 52s in the past, but am hoping this one will be different since I am joining several friends! I am, however being a little loose with the “Sunday” rule…as about half of my images so far have been shot on other days….ha! But the whole point of these personal projects is to get me shooting again, I’m giving myself a little grace since these were all within the week.

I wasn’t aiming to have a theme, but my dog, Bo, seems to have a starring role in January! Partly because he’s such a good little model, and partly because this project has got me working on another project I started a few years ago: a series of my boy and his obsession with tennis balls! I hope you enjoy!


Spencer – 8 days new | Bothell Newborn Photographer

Bothell Newborn Photographer

After Kristen and Burt’s beautiful fall maternity session, I couldn’t wait to meet baby Spencer! He came into my North Bothell studio for his posed newborn portrait session when he was just 8 days new! Spencer was an absolute champ! We got the sleepy posed pictures, but also got some personality in some awake images, as well! Mom and Dad also got in some portraits – aren’t they a gorgeous family???

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph this new family of three! Welcome to the world, baby Spencer!


Mom Dad and newborn | Bothell Studio Photographer Black and white baby | Bothell Newborn PhotographerSeattle Newborn PhotographerPosed newborn | Seattle Baby PhotographerBlack and white baby details | Bothell Newborn PhotographerBaby toes | Mill Creek Newborn PhotographerWrapped baby on fur rug | Seattle Newborn PhotographerBaby in a wrap | Bothell Newborn PhotographerAwake newborn portrait | Bothell Newborn PhotographerMom and baby portrait | Seattle newborn photographerDad and baby portrait | Mill Creek Newborn PhotographerMom Dad and baby | Lynnwood Newborn PhotographerAre you interested in chatting about a newborn session? I’d love to TALK TO YOU today!!

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