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This birthday session brought to you by the number 3

This birthday session was back in March when Alandra turned 3! Normally, she is so shy around me (even though I’ve known her since she was 2 months old!) and takes quite a bit of convincing to get in front of my camera. But apparently, 3 year birthday portraits are a big deal in her book! She had a blast showing me her pretty dresses, her pretty pink nails, jumping on my set, twirling her tutu, and just all around having a good time. Baby brother, Dresden, smiled for his 3 month pictures, but wasn’t quite sure what to think of pictures with big sis….

We ended up with so many cute shots, so be warned, this is quite a big share! 🙂

child portraitchild portraitschild portraitAlandra was so excited to show off her pretty pink sparkly nails!child portraitsbaby portraitsbaby portraitbaby portraitchildren portraitschildren portraitsDresden says “I don’t care if it’s your birthday, I’ll cry if I want to!”sibling portraits“Oh wait, maybe this isn’t so bad!”sibling portraitsI love how Dresden is holding on to his big sister’s hand!sibling portraitsbaby portraitsbaby portraitbirthday portraitbaby portraitsDance, birthday girl, dance!birthday portraitsCheck out Dresden’s 2 month session!

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